10 Inch 43mm Full Extension Ball Bearing Slides TCH-22101 250 ZP


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Full extension high-quality side mount ball bearing slide, manufactured with high precision for smooth and silent movement

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Product Specifications

  • Length: 10″ (250mm)
  • Extension length: 253mm
  • Mounting type: Side Mount
  • Closing type: Manual Close
  • Load Capacity: 75 lb. (34 kg) / 18″
  • Application: Frameless / Face Frame
  • Height of slide: 43mm
  • Required space: 1/2″ (12.7mm) on each side
  • Slide space adjustment: ±0.5mm
  • Finishing: Zinc plated
  • Main material: Cold-rolled steel
  • Material thickness: 1.0-1.0-1.2mm
  • End stopper



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